Avian & Exotic Lodging

We also provide lodging services for exotic pets including rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, mice, chinchillas, and birds. When dropping off your exotic pet, please bring their own cage, specialized diet, and instructions to best care for your exotic friend while you are away. Although most exotic pets are unable to be let out, we do check on them 4 times a day, offering fresh food and water as directed. Exotic pets are kept in the hospital technician area where they are kept warm and away from loud noises of the pet resort.

We are unable to care for any reptiles or small pocket pets that include a heat lamp or heating pad. If your pet requires the use of heat and/or UV lamps, they will not be able to stay with us.

The Details

Exotics and avian (birds) $38/night

Please bring their own cage, specialized diets, and detailed instructions on how to best care for your pet.