Meet Our Team

Des Whittall, Group Manager

I love the opportunity to make a difference- to help build an exceptional and beautiful Resort where you can drop off your pets to have as great a vacation as you are. Read more »

Bandy Hicks, Resort Manager

I have been managing the Resort for Pets since March of 2010 and it has been an ever growing adventure! Read more »

Morgan, Assistant Team Leader

Hobbies: hiking and reading

Favorite thing about working at the Resort: I get to be around animals all day

Inspiration: Anne Trinkle, the founder and executive director of Animal Alliance of NJ, a non-profit animal welfare agency which finds euthanasia unacceptable for adoptable animals in the shelter

Mikaela, Resort Attendant

Favorite thing about working at the Resort: Getting to know clients and their fur babies and seeing their reaction when they pick up their little ones to see how loved they are

Hidden talent: Writing poetry

Pets: 3 dogs that I love to death and are super spoiled, they are over 100 lbs each and think that they are lap dogs

Candace, Resort Attendant

Pets: 3 Akitas, Baloo, Delilah and Snow. I am hoping to find another Akita to add to my pack that I can show in the confirmation ring

Hobbies: Walking the dogs and drawing

Favorite thing about working at the Resort: I love giving baths to the pets and how they can look so different after a good clean up, clean pets are happy pets!


Coy, Resort attendant

Hidden talent: For a while I dabbled in movie make-up effects.

Your inspiration: Writers like David Wong and Joe Hill

If you were a dog or cat, what kind would you be? I'd have to say a cat, their lives seem pretty easy!

Makenzie, Resort attendant

Hobbies: acting, singing, hunting, having fun, taking photos

Pets: Libby, Snuffy, Daisy, and Duke

Favorite thing about working at the Resort: playing with some of the most adorable animals I've ever seen!


Grooming Team

Barb, Groomer

Hobbies: Powerlifting

Pets: Bull mastiff and a Havanese

Inspiration: My daughter

Megan, Bathing expert

Hobbies: going to the dog park and making puns

If you were a dog or cat, what kind would you be? A Corgi because I am obsessed with their floofiness and I think they have the best personalities.

In what ways do you support and give back to your community? Picking up after my dog and supporting the local shelters.