Our most frequently asked questions!

Hopefully this page will answer all of your questions! Please feel free to reach out to us if you can't find your answer here.

What to bring!

Can I bring blankets, toys, or beds?

Yes, you can bring blankets, toys, or bedding that will make your pet feel more comfortable during their stay. We ask that you only bring 1-2 toys for your pet & that beds are a reasonable size and machine washable. We recommend not bringing Fluffy's favorite toy or bed from home in case it gets lost or torn up. Please make sure to label all belongings with your pet's name. All bedding and toys will be washed prior to coming home. We cannot be responsible for lost or damaged toys & bedding.

Do I need to bring food or water bowls?

No, we ask that you do not bring dishes from home. We provide stainless steel food and water bowls that are washed after each meal. We recommend bringing their own bowls only if use a special slow feeder or raised bowl. Please do NOT bring ceramic or glass bowls, as there is a potential for them to be accidentally broken.

Should I bring my pet's own food?

We highly recommend bringing your pets own food to limit any digestive upset. It's helpful to bring only enough for the stay plus one extra day in the event that you may extend your pet's stay. An airtight container, labeled with your pet's name and feeding instructions or individually labeled bags are the best choice! If for any reason you cannot bring food, we feed Purina EN dry kibble at no additional cost. If your pet needs wet or canned food, please be sure to bring it with you.

Can I bring my pet's medication in baggies or in their pill divider?

We require that you bring each medication in their original pill vial with the instructions on it from your vet. Please only bring enough medications for the stay! This is in accordance with Texas state law. If you have any questions regarding this rule, please ask one of our Reservation Specialists.

What does the day look like for my pet?

How often will my pet go outside?

We let dogs out four times a day. Pups go into a fenced in let out yard, off leash with their own family for 15-20 minutes each time, depending on the weather. The only contact they have with other dogs is through the fence. Cats get fresh water, their condos cleaned, and their litter boxes freshened up four times a day as well.

Will my pet always have access to water?

Yes! They will have access to water 24/7. Even though they always have water, pets who are in a new environment don't always drink enough. We monitor your pet's drinking habits throughout their stay, but they may come home and drink a lot of water. This is totally normal!

Do you have extra perks that we can add to their stay?

In addition to being let out four times a day, we can add additional services for some one-on-one attention during their stay. We offer many pet perks including:  individual playtimes, cuddle times, tuck-ins, and pool times for our dogs that stay with us. For our feline guests we offer Playtimes, cuddle and comb sessions, laser pointer playtimes and tuck-ins.

Do you have webcams to see how our pet is doing?

We do not have webcams that are available. We send out electronic report cards on even numbered day of the month with pictures and an update with how your pet is doing. You are welcome to call and check on your pet anytime the lobby is open! Emails and text messages are welcome during those times that the lobby is closed, but the staff may not see them right away when they are tending to the pets in our care.

Will my pet get a bath before coming home?

If your dog stays more than three nights, we offer a complimentary express bath upon request. This bath is just a quick bath to make sure that that they smell good prior to going home. It does not include any brushing, trimming, or blow out. We recommend a full groom with the groomer for those pets who have long hair, are easily matted, or need a trim. Please be sure to schedule your groom well in advance, as sometimes our groomers may be fully booked during your stay.

Can my pet be groomed during their stay?

Our groomer's schedule can sometimes fill up very quickly. If you would like to add grooming services, we recommend doing this when you book your initial reservation. At check in if you would like to add grooming, we will do our best to get your pet on the schedule. If we are unable to do so, you can request an express bath and schedule a groom for a later date.

What should I expect after my dog returns home?

Similar to humans, it may take a day or two to get settled back into being home from vacation. Pets will often be very thirsty, hungry, or pant a lot from being so excited to be back with their family. Don't let them drink or eat too much too quickly when they return home or they may get an upset stomach.

Vaccine and medical requirements

What Vaccines are required for my pet to stay?
  • Dogs: Rabies, Distemper/Parvo, Bordetella (every 6 months), a negative fecal exam (once a year) and the h3n2 influenza vaccine
  • Cats: Rabies, Feline distemper (FVRCP), a negative fecal exam (once a year) and if your cat has any outdoor exposure, the Feline Leukemia (FELV) vaccine. All cats must be FELV/FIV negative.
  • Exotics: A wellness exam with your vet once a year to ensure that they are healthy enough to stay away from home.
Can my pet receive their vaccines that are needed for their stay the day they come in?

Sometimes. We do recommend that vaccines are updated at least 2 weeks prior to the stay to ensure the best immunity, but understand that this can often be difficult to schedule. If your pet needs to update vaccines, your pet can see a Veterinarian at the clinic on site when checking in. Upon drop off, you will speak with a vet tech to answer questions about services needed and your pet's health history. We do require that these vet services be paid for with the clinic at drop off. Your pet will see the doctor, they will call with any questions or concerns after their exam. You don't need to stay for the doctor appointment, but please allow 20 minutes for drop off with a clinic member if Doctor First services are needed.

What if my pet's fecal exam was positive for worms? What is your parasite protocol?

We require that all pets have a negative fecal exam once a year. In the event that your pets fecal was positive for worms, we ask that you speak to your veterinarian about the best treatment. A repeat fecal will need to be done within 3-4 weeks of treatment to assure that it has worked. We do our due diligence to make sure that all pets are negative upon entry to the facility, but we do disinfect all of our yards at least once a day, just in case! No pet should ever have to deal with external parasites such as fleas or ticks. We will perform and entrance exam to look for parasites. If found, we will contact you, and treat them accordingly with a range of products such as Bravecto at your expense.

Can my puppy board in the Resort?

We recommend all pups and kittens be at least 5 months of age before coming to boarding or grooming. This gives them time to get all the rounds of puppy shots at the appropriate ages and to help build up their immune system. For puppies, Rabies and the 2nd or 3rd round of Distemper/Parvo is typically given at 16 weeks. We'd be happy to look over your puppy's records to make sure that all vaccines have been given in accordance with our veterinarian's recommendations.

How old does my pet need to be before going to doggie day care?

At least 6 months old. We require all pets that are attending our doggie day care to be spayed or neutered and have all the vaccines required for boarding. Most veterinarians will recommend pups be altered by 6 months of age, but be sure to talk to your veterinarian about your specific pet's needs. We want your pet to have a fun and safe time on their first visit to daycare and often puppies younger than 6 months will still be very fearful of new things in their environment.

Exotics, seniors, and more!

Do you board exotic animals?

Yes, we do. For example, Rabbits, hedgehogs, ferrets, Guinea pigs, etc. We do NOT house animals that require a heat lamp or very specific care. We do require that you bring their enclosed cage, food, veggies, extra bedding and everything needed for everyday care.

Can my cat and dog stay together in the same room?

Unfortunately, no. We do not have rooms for both species to stay together. The cats stay in the cat resort so that they are less stressed away from the hustle and bustle of the dog resort.

I have a senior or elderly pet; can they stay?

Our senior and elderly pets are often very fragile. We will be happy to let them stay with us if they are in good health. Animals that have poor or declining health or might have severe underlining medical conditions that would be better suited at a special needs boarding facility that has 24 hour care. If you are unsure about if we would be a good fit for your senior pet, please call and we will be happy to talk thru the best options for you.

My pet has seizures, heart issues, or other complicated medical issues; Are they able to stay with you?

Maybe! We are able to accommodate some complex medical issues, but not all. We depend on our staff to be mindful of all pets in our care and some more complicated medical issues may take more time to devote staff to. We recommend that these pets don't stay with us during peak seasons (holidays, summer, and spring break) and sometimes need to be approved by a doctor to stay with us. Please call and discuss your pet's medical condition with us prior to the stay!

My pet is diabetic. Do you provide care for diabetic animals and is there an extra charge?

Sometimes we have the ability to take on well-regulated diabetic pets. There is an extra charge for insulin injections. We are currently not taking any new Diabetic patients.

My pet has special needs; would you be able to accommodate them?

We do service some special needs pets, but it depends on the situation and the type of extra care your pet will need. There is an extra charge per night depending on what is needed for your pet. Please call our Reservation Specialist if you have any questions.

My pet is aggressive. Can they stay with you?

We are able to accommodate some aggressive pets. If your pet is animal aggressive, we keep them in a separate area where they will not come into contact with other pets. If your pet is aggressive towards humans, we require that you book a trial day boarding stay prior to your vacation to see if our staff can safely handle your pet. Our staff must be able to put a leash on your dog and walk it to and from the yards/building. If we cannot safely handle your pet, they will not be able to stay with us. If you need to schedule a trial day, please contact our front desk.

What happens if my pet goes into heat while staying with you?

We will remove your pet from the general population, and they will board in the hospital area. They will still go outside four times a day and receive the same care as if they were staying in the Resort. We will inform you if this happens.