Dog Grooming - Fort Worth TX

At Resort for Pets, our experienced dog groomers will give your pet the five-star treatment! We are experienced with pets that may be anxious or nervous about receiving a bath, grooming, or nail trim. We will work with your pet to help them relax and enjoy their visit to our grooming spa. 

Our Grooming Services

Full-service pet bathing and grooming is one of the many “perks” available at the Resort for Pets. Choose a full-service bath and brush out or a full groom when they stay with us to have them clean and happy when you pick them up from the Resort. Whichever option you choose, bathing your pet with a quality, rich lather shampoo helps keep your pet’s skin and hair in healthy condition. Pets look and feel their best when they are clean with a shiny, healthy coat.

Full Service Grooming (includes bath, blow dry & brush out, nail trim, ear clean, anal glands, and hair style) price varies by breed
Add on grooming services  
Nail Dremel  $15
Teeth Brushing with breath spray $12
Upgraded Shampoo & Conditioner  $12
Shed-less package (dogs up to 49 lbs) $27
Shed-less package (dogs over 50 lbs) $33
Extra brushing/de-matting/scissoring $12 & up

Convenient Scheduling

Our grooming schedule is ideal for busy pet owners. We offer a full grooming schedule Monday to Friday and most Saturdays. Please call to make an appointment or schedule to have your pet groomed before being picked up from the Resort. And, as always, you have peace of mind knowing that our full service animal hospital is right next door.

Call us today to schedule your pet’s grooming appointment!