Meet Our Team

Des Whittall, Group Manager

I love the opportunity to make a difference- to help build an exceptional and beautiful Resort where you can drop off your pets to have as great a vacation as you are. Read more »

Bandy Hicks, Resort Manager

I have been managing the Resort for Pets since March of 2010 and it has been an ever growing adventure! Read more »

Morgan, Assistant Team Leader

Hobbies: hiking and reading

Favorite thing about working at the Resort: I get to be around animals all day

Inspiration: Anne Trinkle, the founder and executive director of Animal Alliance of NJ, a non-profit animal welfare agency which finds euthanasia unacceptable for adoptable animals in the shelter

Mikaela, Resort Attendant

Favorite thing about working at the Resort: Getting to know clients and their fur babies and seeing their reaction when they pick up their little ones to see how loved they are

Hidden talent: Writing poetry

Pets: 3 dogs that I love to death and are super spoiled, they are over 100 lbs each and think that they are lap dogs

Candace, Resort Attendant

Pets: 3 Akitas, Baloo, Delilah and Snow. I am hoping to find another Akita to add to my pack that I can show in the confirmation ring

Hobbies: Walking the dogs and drawing

Favorite thing about working at the Resort: I love giving baths to the pets and how they can look so different after a good clean up, clean pets are happy pets!

Angelica, Resort Attendant

Pets: Chloe, a chocolate lab who has a one of a kind personality! She is great with anyone she meets and is so loving and adorable.

Favorite thing about working at the Resort: I love the opportunity to meet different dogs and learn more about them while gaining a trusting relationship with the owner, letting them know their pets are in good hands. From our playtimes with dogs to cuddle times with cats, there is never a dull day in the Resort!

Hobbies: When I'm not working or at school, I'm up for anything. I like drawing, and fishing and enjoying the outdoors.

Jessica, Resort Attendant

Favorite thing about working at the Resort: the environment! The energy, the people and of course, the dogs!

Pets: Blue, a pitbull, she's the best thing that ever happened to me, I realized the meaning of K9 companionship and Winston, a Rottweiler mix who is my second rescue baby- sweetest dog ever!

Hobbies: Music, photography, and discovery. I love to travel and find new adventures whenever possible.

Kayleen, Reservation Specialist

Favorite Movie: Harry Potter

Before joining our team I was: Working on a 300 acre farm for North Texas Goldendoodles; a gorgeous place with happy, healthy puppies to love on and care for!

What is your favorite thing about working at the Resort? I love seeing the connection between the owners and their pets, and the challenge of going above and beyond the owners expectations for their pets care. I also love getting to work up front, and behind the scenes. It gives me an opportunity to get familiar with each client and the chance to personally care for their pet.

Coy, Resort attendant

Hidden talent: For a while I dabbled in movie make-up effects.

Your inspiration: Writers like David Wong and Joe Hill

If you were a dog or cat, what kind would you be? I'd have to say a cat, their lives seem pretty easy!

Makenzie, Resort attendant

Hobbies: acting, singing, hunting, having fun, taking photos

Pets: Libby, Snuffy, Daisy, and Duke

Favorite thing about working at the Resort: playing with some of the most adorable animals I've ever seen!


Grooming Team

Barb, Groomer

Hobbies: Powerlifting

Pets: Bull mastiff and a Havanese

Inspiration: My daughter

Megan, Bathing expert

Hobbies: going to the dog park and making puns

If you were a dog or cat, what kind would you be? A Corgi because I am obsessed with their floofiness and I think they have the best personalities.

In what ways do you support and give back to your community? Picking up after my dog and supporting the local shelters.