Superior Pet Care and Pampering Services at Resort for Pets
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The Resort for Pets at Eagle Mountain Lake is a full-service facility created to provide the best possible care and pamper your pets while you are away. Our resort offers pet care services such as pet housing, which includes a K-9 resort, a feline resort, and a Stay & Play daycare. We offer a wide variety of services while your pets are with us ranging from full-service pet grooming to our "Pooch Perks" designed to make your pet feel at home: Play Time, Cuddle Time, Tuck Ins, Pool Time and more! Our Ft. Worth veterinarian's goal is to provide a watchful eye, gentle hand and compassionate heart for your furry family members.

Pet Boarding and Grooming Resort Style Plus Added Pooch Perks

dog_with_stick_at_resort_for_pets.pngOur Resort for Pets staff diligently maintains a secure and sanitary facility where your pets will receive optimal care. You can rest at ease when your pet is staying with us, knowing they are safe and cared for at the Resort. Our pet care services go above and beyond typical pet boarding, pet grooming and pet bathing. Our K-9 resort suites provide your dog with their own "doggie suite" - large sleeping areas where your dog has room to move around. The tempered glass front gives them the feel of openness and the K-9 resort has spacious play areas where they can play and get exercise. Our feline resort "kitty condos" are roomy, plush multi-level areas with lots of natural light. Your cat is housed separately to reduce stress during their stay.

Stay and play (doggie daycare) at our resort gives your pet social time with other dogs so they get plenty of exercise and become better adapted to handle a variety of situations.  Our Stay & Play daycare will provide your pet with care and attention while you are working so that they will get stimulated mentally and physically while getting the daily exercise they need.

Our pet boarding option can be for long term stays when you are leaving for a business trip or family vacation. Your pet's physical health ad safety is paramount to us - that is one of the reasons we require that all pets are fully vaccinated in order to make sure the Resort stays a safe place to stay for every pet. With a veterinarian right next door, you can be certain that any medical issue, big or small, can and will be treated immediately.

Pet grooming services in our resort include the bath and trim, toe nail trim, ear cleaningresort_for_pets_pool.png and expressing anal glands. We have an experienced groomer who will groom your pet to your specifications.  If your pet doesn't require grooming, we can still give them a simple bath and spritz so they are fresh and clean when we send them home with you.

Whether you are interested in daycare services which provide your pet with socialization and exercise, pet boarding with Pooch Perks while they stay, or full service grooming The Resort for Pets at Eagle Mountain Lake is here to provide you're pet with tender loving care while they are with us. Please feel free to stop by anytime for a guided tour of our facilities.  We look forward to seeing you and providing superior pet care services for your pets.

Please note that reservation requests will be processed within 1 - 2 business days of your request. If you need confirmation sooner, please call us at 817-236-2000 during our regular business hours so we can assist you. Thank you!

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